Tips on Choosing Female Dog Names

Published: 28th June 2011
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When it comes to choosing female dog names the problem is not where to find names, but how to pick from the thousands of choices. Great female dog names are everywhere.

Don’t believe me? Okay then, here are some ideas to get you started...

First though let's find out the kind of name you're looking for. Tell me about your dog. What’s she like? What's her colour, size, and personality? Is she a Pitbull or a Shih Tzu?

These things will, of course, impact on the name you eventually decide on. You want to choose a name that suits the dog don’t you?

Right, lets be a bit counter intuitive and come up with some tough girl dog names. When people think girl dogs, they generally think of cute, fluffy, lap dogs, with names to match, but what if you have a female Rottie or Doberman?

Here are some tough dog names for girls; Boudica, a legendary warrior queen, Pantera, after the heavy metal band, or Alabama, after the butt-kicking anti-hero from the movie, True Romance.

Let’s offset that with some of the cute and cuddly names we mentioned earlier. There are tons of these, so here’s a quick sample – Bam Bam, Coco, Disney, Eggnog, Gidget, Hootie, I-Pod, Junebug, Maybelle, Munchkin, Newbie, Peaches, Q-Tip, Squidoo, Swoosie, Tuppence, Uschi, Womble, Zsa Zsa. There is no shortage of cute female dog names.

But what if you're looking for a name that sets your dog apart from the crowd, something a bit more off-the-wall? Abraxsas, Io, or Quarterflash do it for you? No? Then how about Isis, Nonotchka or Souixsie?

There really is a name out there for every dog. All you have to do is think of something that you (or your dog) is interested in and the ideas literally drop into your lap.

Is your dog a fashion hound?…Gucci, Dolce, Prada. Like music?…Joplin, Joan Jett, Latoya. Movie buff?…Hepburn, Garbo, Harlow. TV?...How about Oprah, Murphy (Brown) or Ally (McBeal)?

By now you’re probably beginning to see how easy it is to come up with a name for your female dog. What's that? You still need more? Okay then... What about first ladies?…Jackie O, Abigail (Adams), or Ladybird (Johnson). What about Royalty?…Beatrix, Cleopatra, or Maxima.
Or you could name your dog after one of the great women of history, like Amelia (Earhart), Florence (Nightingale), or Helen (Keller).

See how easy that was? Now that you know the drill pick a subject you’re interested in, then write down as many names as you can think of (use Wikipedia if you must). Now narrow that down to your favorites and pick the one that really suits your dog to a tee.

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